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Green Gorilla has its origins in an indica type plant, the famous "Gorilla" particularly appreciated in the United States, and in another mainly Sativa, the "Green Crack". The result of this crossing is definitely an excellent compromise, a perfect balance. In its genetics appear Chem Sister, Chocolate Diesel, Sour Dubb, Skunk and Afghani. An interesting lineage that combines decidedly more elaborate flavors with the classic. If on the one hand you can expect a fresh and citrus flavor, on the other you can perceive much more complex notes typical of a Diesel with a vague earthy aftertaste.


Gorilla X Green Crack 

Thc: 21-25%

Flowering: 55- 65 days

Production: 500-600g


Green Gorilla in terms of performance promises decidedly excellent results. It has a beautiful full branched structure characterized by dense and heavy flowers covered with a very high amount of resin (not surprisingly, among its ancestors "Gorilla Glue"). 

Gorilla x Green Crack is a plant suitable for everyone, it resists humidity and pests, perfect for which it can also be placed outdoors.