Northern Light AUTO - Feminized Autoflowering Seeds Blue Blood Seeds

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Northern Light AUTO - Feminized Autoflowering Seeds Blue Blood Seeds

"Impossible not to have tried it"

Northern Light is a must for any self-respecting seed bank, it is impossible not to have one of the most famous varieties of all time at home! Its history begins on the west coast of the United States: its genetic line comes from 11 different seeds, for this reason it is really difficult to know its exact genetics, what we know is that Afghanistan and Thai are part of it and give this variety very complex and decisive aromas.

After all the research it is carrying now, Northern Light Auto, has become a plant that is definitely worth trying, it combines the past with the future.

It produces a relatively wide spacing between internodes, with long and slender leaves, thus showing its sativa origins. At the time of flowering, however, the Afghan heritage becomes apparent, with a homogeneous formation of dense nuggets and coated with resin, rich in extremely beneficial therapeutic properties and with a relaxing effect.

At the olfactory level it is possible to perceive the aromas of weeds and pines, the spicy flavor enriched with sweet fragrances.

Considered ideal for its therapeutic properties to relieve stress, depression and pain.

This strain produces compact plants that are easy to contain and predominantly Indica recommended for even less experienced growers.


Northern Light x Lowryder # 2 x Ruderalis

Thc: 15 - 20% 

Flowering: 6 - 8 weeks

Production: L